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Mr Majnu Audio Review

Movie:            Mr. Majnu ( Mr. మజ్ను )
Producer(s):   BVSN Prasad
Cast:              Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal
Direction:       Venky Alluri
Music:            Thaman SS

Akhil is trying his best to make an impact in Telugu Film Industry. After his disastrous debut, he tried to recover with he second attempt, but it didnt take him where he expected to go. He is trying to hope to get successful with this attempt. Thaman who has changed his ways with recent hit album, scored music and this is something to see whether he made that change in this movie also, or he is what he is. Srimani gets single card on lyrics which is again a rare feat these days. Its been a while to see such in lyrics department. Lets go to the album to see what Thaman did this time. 

Mr Majnu 
Singer(s) - Ramya NSK
Lyrics - Srimani

Thaman and the album starts with the title song describing the hero, Akhil as grandson of ANR and Son of Nagarjuna. And then Srimani tries to add up based on his talent. Both Thaman and the singer (Is it Ramya as per label?) ripped the words apart with inconsistent synchronization between tune and words. Many words gets massacred by the singer. Thaman doesn't miss his flavor of this trademark, and doesn't add auto tuning. thats the grace for this song. Some how not impressed with this song, Thaman tried to be different, but his trademark probably makes this song less appealing, then the singer makes it worse. A song that can be skipped in the album. 

Singer(s) - Armaan Malik
Lyrics - Srimani

Thaman ensures that song represents his changing song making trends. Even though he is not consistent, he is telling, he is changing. The soft stylish melody should make his fans go merry about it. He removes most of his problems in the song making until now, by adding lot of unwanted things to a song, there by succeeding in making this song appeal to listeners. Having said that, there are slight issues that he should take more care to ensure he stays there. Arman Malik does good, but he has the usual problems with non-Telugu singers. He could have done a little better. Srimani did a decent job. Overall a good effort by the team. 

Hey Nenila
Singer(s) - Sruthi Ranjani
Lyrics - Srimani

The moment I said Thaman is changing the song making, but he didn't. He is not able to get away in making a song sound different from any of his earlier songs. The pattern cannot be same unless its a very rare exceptional. His instrumentation of this song is good. Sruthi's singing is decent. However the song should appeal a new song all together, cannot remind. As long as he cannot get out of this, he cannot become successful. With these minor issues of Thaman, this song will appeal and stick to listeners. Thaman had succeeded in making the lyrics of Srimani Listenable. The following of singer is cute. The interludes came out good and overall this song stays there. 

Kopamga Kopamga
Singer(s) - Armaan Malik, Thaman S
Lyrics - Srimani

Armaan Malik has become a choice of Thaman? Two songs for him? not sure why?. His Telugu is not good, so he cannot make a song sound better. His voice is not that great, similar to many singers, Not sure whats his added advantage, He gets off too at few of places, doesn't sound well in many places. Again Thaman did decent job in tuning the song. Srimani writes another decent song, adding his own youthful phrases which he is known for. Another pleasant song from Thaman, he is surprising the listeners, A new look to Thaman, which is good in a way. Not sure where I heard Thaman in this song. 

Naalo Neeku
Singer(s) - Shreya Ghoshal,  Kaala Bhairava
Lyrics - Srimani

Kaala Bhairava getting chances with other music directors is a good thing happened to him. He got the real boost from his family through Baahubali, people are probably cashing in the craze he got. Singing wise he has lot to improve. Hope he is not just limited to few type of songs. Thaman has toned down a lot compared to how he used to make similar songs. Some one really explained what was going wrong with him. Shreya Ghoshal has excellent voice and singing, but has no change in singing Telugu songs, inspite of singing more than a decade, She still sounds alien. Not sure why she never put any effort to sound Telugu. Due to this even though whatever she does, the song just go wasted. However her fans will not care for this and will embrace this song. Kaala Bhairava does what he was asked for. Situational song made as per demand and thats all is needed. Thaman doesn't go overboard and does with good limits set to himself. 

Chiru Chiru Navvula
Singer(s) - Tushar Joshi, Koti Salur, Ramya Behara
Lyrics - Srimani

Srimani has got single card for lyrics. That shows how he is impressing the movie makers. This is a rare feat these days where one song is written by more than one lyricist. He did decent in all the lyrics. But the more they do the more expectations will increase. Glad there is no multi lingual crap like other lyricists who enforce it even though it is not required.  The music makers and lyricists still have the coordination issues, that neither of them are able to sync together to make a song without breaking the word at right place. Not sure who is the root cause for it. But people got used to listening like this so it wont effect them. This song even though lacks freshness in the tune, is still good enough to sound decent. Thaman again gives a well controlled tune and instrumentation.

Pick(s) of the album:  Yemainado, Hey Nenila, Chiru Chiru Navvula

Thaman showed different face of his with Toliprema, then he again showed it with NTR's AVSR, tuning situational songs. He was lacking consistency as he couldn't convince listeners that he is trying to rediscover himself by fixing all his issues that he was talked about. This album should lead to that path of change. He not only fixed few issues, he tried to be different. Whether its Nagarjuna's effect or the director but a good change to be observed in Thaman. If he shows this consistency in coming albums, then he will have better future. But basically there cannot be a road that takes him backwards. He is forced to go only this route. Akhil gets a decent album, which should lead him towards success if the movie is made good. 

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Vinaya Vidheya Rama Audio Review

Movie:            Vinaya Vidheya Rama ( వినయ విధేయ రామ )
Producer(s):  D.V.V.Danayya
Cast:              Ramcharan, Kaira Advani, Prashanth, Vivek Oberoi, Esha Gupta
Direction:      Boyapati Srinu
Music:            Devi Sri Prasad

Ramcharan had tremendous success for his past two movies, ( Dhruva and Rangasthalam ) and is looking for a hat-trick.  Kaira Advani who acted in Bharat Anu Nenu is pairing up with Ramcharan in this movie. Boyapati Srinu know for mass movies is now setting up a combination with Ramcharan so that it would be a different movie for Ramcharan. DSP and Boyapati or DSP and Ramcharan had been successful in their earlier combinations and now all the three are coming together, so expectations are automatically set high. Movie generated enough buzz and the teasers have been telling what this combination have to offer. The singles of this music album have been out and the response from fans as well as others have been out. So lets see the entire album at one go. Srimani off late has been seeing quite often in almost all movies and he has been showing his contribution very clear. In this movie, if not for one song, could have got single card as lyricist. DSP used his routine singers with exception of Not having Sagar and he replaced by Kalabhairava. Songs are as detailed below. 

1. Thandaane Thandaane
Singer(s): MLR Kartikeyan
Lyricist: Shreemani

A typical DSP trademark song, A good start, soft melody with emoting right. Kartikeyan does good job. Starts again with a DSP mark signature in an album. The violin sets the mood of the song and Kartikeyan continues that with his apt singing. He tries to add some deviations here and there. Shreemani ( as named in the label ) tries to explain the crux of the movie. Even though the song is about "Anandam" there is an inherent pinch of sadness both in the tune as well as the words of the song. Definitely trying to explain the story. The words are carefully written to say that few people who have different beginning had come together. A good hear from DSP.

2. Thassadiyya
Singer(s): Jaspreet Jasz, MM Manasi
Lyricist: Shreemani

Jaspreet Jasz and DSP tune doesn't offer anything new in this song, where both get routine. I though Manasi might get limited to repeating few words throughout the song but she gets to contribute. Shreemani got major pie of the movie by getting to write 4 of 5 songs in this album. He wrote different lyrics for the first song, gets routine here too as he doesnt have much to offer. Seems like a dance bit that is designed to show the talent of Ramcharan. A perfect routine song, which will not appeal listeners much. 

3. Ek Baar
Singer(s): DSP, Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Shreemani

DSP tried to sing this song differently but not to tune it separately. Probably he might have thought that is enough to make a song sound different. Again a song that is purely to showcase dance talent of Ramcharan, so the song gets to give what is asked for. Shreemani too caters to the song by filling the words adding some rhyming here and there. DSP adds lots of sounds apart from standard beats that goes throughout the song. Ranina Reddy might have sung lot of similar songs its a piece of cake walk for her. Everything in the song is aimed whether its foot tapping beats, or singing. Probably this song is for Ramcharan fans. 

4. Rama Loves Sita
Singer(s): Simha, Priya Himesh
Lyricist: Shreemani

Another run of the mill song from DSP. Simha and Priya even dont help to this out and out routine song. Shreemani I guess is becoming another Ramajogayya who is becoming expert to fill words for these kind of songs. Simha's voice doesn't really suite at some places in the song. The movie title has Rama, so the song too goes around that name. Whether female lead's name is Sita or not, but it doesn't matter. Seems like a song that has nothing great to mention about. 

5. Amma Naanna
Singer(s): Kaala bhairava
Lyricist: Ramajogayya Sastry

Kaala Bhairava is getting more songs to sing and that too outside of Rajamouli's family is something to note. But he is getting more of similar songs. However the singing of this song is not convincing. His effort is not seen in this song. As in the first song, which tells about few people coming together, this seems to be an pathos extension of the song. DSP adds violin which helps the song, but not the singer who could have done a lot better. Story oriented song, that might appeal on the screen. DSP tries to set this song according to the story and situation demanded by director but probably could have done a little better.

Pick(s) of the album: Thandaana, Amma Naanna 

During audio release of one the earlier movie that Boyapati and DSP worked together, Boyapati said, he had extracted great music from DSP, thats why it was a great hit. Of course that comment didnt go well with DSP who condemned on the stage right away. Seems like neither the movie director extracted the music from the music director, nor the movie didnt demand a great music, that DSP had nothing much to offer in this album. Out of the two picks one is good, which is Tandaana, and Amma Naanna could have been better and rest are run of mill songs from DSP. Few heros doesnt need music to elevate their movies and Ram Charan is one of them. So its all upto hero and movie director to take it from here. 

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NTR Biopic Audio Review

Movie:            NTR Biopic ( Kathanayakudu, Mahanayakudu )
Producer(s):  Nandamuri Balakrishna
Nandamuri Balakrishna, Vidya Balan, Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Rana Daggubati
Direction:      Krish Jagarlamudi
Music:            MM Keeravani

NTR  ( Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao ) is one name that needs introduction to Telugu people no matter where they live nor their age. The only name in Telugu history that got that unique identity. Whether they hate or like it, the name cannot go without a mention in any person's life. It is one of the rarest name that is blessed to be synonym of Telugu person's identity. As rightly said by Keeravani, people have so much got emotionally connected to this greatest soul that is blessed to live on earth as Telugu person. They identify him as Lord, that even if God show up to the Telugu person, they might reject since God doesn't look like NTR. Whether its Rama or Krishna or matter any God, people believe that they look like NTR. Thats the power of this person and no one in Telugu history can come close to such personality. People who like him can never forget him in their entire life, people who worship him, will worship him for ever. 

What he did to get there no one can try to understand, its just the blessings based on his Karma that he was what he was. He became synonym for many many characters which seems to be impossible for any normal human being. Thats what he attained the status in Telugu people's heart. There cannot be another NTR in entire modern Telugu film history.

Making a biopic of such personality can never be possible. What can be shown might be few glimpses of the history which he has been part of. This will be a great uphill task for whoever want to attempt. Balakrishna his one of the able son, thought of this project has been completely dedicated to this project and his association with Krish has been so far outstanding. Krish has a knack of presenting the history in best possible way he can. He always is supported by good technical team as well. The trailer has been appealing, the performances are well received, the dialogs by Burra Sai Madhav and Keeravani on music for sure are good support. 

NTR had played different roles in his life, one as Super natural Hero the Kathanayakudu on the film screen and the greatest Leader in politics which is Mahanayakudu. Krish telling these two stories separately is a great thought. Even NTR never mixed up both, so presenting them as separate entities is definitely good choice. Now there can be haters for Mahanayakudu but there cannot be such thing called hating for the Kathanayakudu part of his life. He is for sure the most revered personality of modern Telugu history.  

So tribute to him, presenting him on screen is one part and providing music to such personality is another challenge. There is no one other than Keeravani in current Telugu Film Industry can do it effectively. The music reaching and depicting such personality is mere impossible, but even reaching to some level is fine. And the lyrics should be so much powerful that any word depicting him will appear to be less only. Lyrics department had to be really powerful to reach the magnanimity of such personality. 

Lets get into the album. This album has 4 songs for Kathanayakudu and 3 songs for Mahanayakudu.. In Kathanayakudu, one of the song has two versions, so it can be said there are 3 each for each version. Lyricists team consists of Keeravani himself, his father Siva Datta, Dr Ramakrishna and Sirivennela garu. They wrote two songs each distributing the songs between themselves.

Regarding singers, I really miss SP Balasubrahmanyam's name in the album as he had contributed so much to NTR. Mainly when SPB can still sing exceptionally well, he should gave got at-least one song, that way even SPB would have got a tribute. However album comes out, this will be a missing point.


1. Kathanayaka
Singer(s): Kailash Kher
Lyrics: K Siva Dutta, Dr, K. Ramakrishna

Can words describe the greatest film personality? Can words explain what he has done as actor, Can a tune make some one understand. Probably yes, probably no.. This song makes a very good attempt of it. Two lyricists combined could do the required. This song is well written to explain the Kathanayaka part of NTR. Based on the characters he portrayed rather lived in them. The words are carefully weaved to depict what an actor NTR was. Given NTR who gave life to many mythological characters, the words tell exactly the same. 

The song starts with a nice periodical tune and gets to high voltage. Seeing Kailash Kher name in this song I was little skeptical about his pronunciation and singing, but he did exceptionally well. Its indeed a pleasant surprise. Thanks to Krish, Keeravani for taking care of the song well. As I said for Mahanati, a tribute has to be at a higher level when the personalities are at a higher level. Here this song is really huge and grand. It gives a glance of the career of Legend. Probably fans might get nostalgic and get into tears.The attributes given to NTR in the start of the song who completed more than 300 career films and non-stop successful travel is amazing. The song for sure makes one feel how magnanimous NTR was not by just pure physical appearance but also his perfect appearance in those characters like Rama, Ravana, Karna, Duryodhana, be any mythological character. Also explains how he performed and how spectators could move with those characters. As I said words are very apt to bring the glory of NTR. Jayaho NTR,, Jaya Jayaho NTR will be that the listeners keep saying after the song is complete. 

2. Venditera Dora
Singer(s): MM Keeravani
Lyrics: MM Keeravani

A situational song, wrote and sung by Keeravani himself. As mentioned in the song, during the cyclone in the Diviseema where NTR took lead to help the people suffered by the Uppena that ruined many lives. He took Jole and got the funds from people and helped a lot with ANR and other movie actors. His contribution to Diviseema Uppena was quite notable. Probably thats why this made into the movie. As situational song, Keeravani wrote and sung to get the effect. Probably this song sung by either SPB or Yesudas would be a real tribute, but given Keeravani himself a great fan of NTR, he took the opportunity. The plight of the people who got effected is explained in the song. A song will have more impact when seen on the big screen.

3. Bantureeti Koluvu
Singer(s): K.S. Chitra, Srinidhi Tirumala
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetaramasastry

Starting with Tyagaraya kruti, it turns out to be probably a song for Basava Tarakam, wife of the legend NTR. Even though the first line is from the kruti, sirivennela garu fills the rest of the song with his words. Chitra garu renders it so perfect that we will keep listening to it and  would want that it never ends. Keeravani who is expert in modifying the carnatic kruti's, makes sure that when modified the flavor is not missed, and yet appear perfect carnatic kruti. Can we ask more from this song? Sirivennela, Chitra, keeravani,, what a good combination?  Added to it Keeravani composed to the core flavor of carnatic music. We wish this song had 2 more charanams. 

4. Kathanayaka
Singer(s): Srinidhi Tirumala, Ramya Behara, Mohana Bhogaraju
Lyrics: K Siva Dutta, Dr, K. Ramakrishna

After listening to the first version of Kailash Kher who leaves an impression on to the listeners, this appears a lighter intensity song. Yet this song stands on its own. Song goes so well, that we can hear many versions of this song. Keeravani composes such a way that this song will keep haunting. Even though people while listening cannot see the visuals, they sure can imagine how the song will be on screen. There is such a grandeur in this song. A perfect tribute to the all time great of the movie field.


1. Ramanna katha
Singer(s): K.S.Chitra, Suneeta
Lyrics: MM Keeravani

Tuned in the style of Lava kusa song, "vinudu vinudu ramayana gaadha", Keeravani tried to explain the life of NTR, focusing on his political career. Somehow I felt this song didnt create that great impact probably after the powerful songs in kathanayakudu. Probably the song goes flat and in simple narrative style. Chitra, Suneeta were not heard with their voice. They get lost like in Chorus. They could have given more to each individually so that they could have got heard. Interlude reminds us of different songs as well. So probably thats why this song leaves us mixed feeling after the song is complete. 

2. Chaitanya Ratham
Singer(s): Kalabhairava, Keeravani, Keerti Sagatiya, Sai Shivani
Lyrics: Sirivennela Seetaramasastry

Chaitanya Ratham, the vehicle that NTR traveled across Andhra Pradesh after launching the party where his son Hari Krishna was the driver for the entire tour that lasted for many months. This has been critical phase of NTR's life where he did interact with people and they found him to be their savior. Krish had to use this in his movie without any doubt. Sirivennela infuses the words that had inspired the people and the leader himself. The situation when NTR made the political career was right time and people with open arms embraced him. Sirivennela right says this thru his words. This song probably on screen covers the entire Chaitanya ratham tour of NTR. When this song creates as the impact that the ratham created, probably not. This song depicts various moods probably to depict the same. I hear more pathos than positive energy that people had looking at the ratham. Not knowing the background in the movie might be the reason for me feeling the mismatch. Lets see on the screen. Singers are fine as the tune. The song can be more enjoyed knowing how Krish has picturized this song?

3. Rajarshi 
Singer(s): Sarat Santhosh, Mohana Bhargava, Kalabhairava, Keeravani, Srinidhi Tirumala
Lyrics: K Siva Dutta, Dr, K. Ramakrishna

This song starts with Adi Sankaracharya written Atma Shatakam or Nirvana shatakam. But how this is related to NTR is a question to watch in the movie. NTR takes out the regular clothing and choses Kashayam to be the color of his dress when he takes political route. Did Atmashatakam make him to realize and take this route not sure. This song not sure whether has created so impact like the kathanayaka song. Probably the lack of clarity of the song makes one wonder? So many singers sang this song but it didn't create that great impact. But for sure leaves a mystery. A powerful singing would have helped this song, None of the singers could be powerful as they could be. Could be another situational song, might help after seeing it on the screen. The percussion was strong which I guess have helped the song.

Pick(s) of the album:  Kathanayaka ( both versions ), bantu reeti, Rajarshi

Making an album for a legends like NTR is extremely difficult, No matter how great it is, it will fall short. I guess the same happened in this album as well, as the expectations would be that it should be the best. Krish definitely has a very good taste and with good technicians in hand, given the situations, he did his best, but leaves some incomplete feeling as it could be a little more better. But if we keep all these aside, its a great effort by the team. The kathanayaka song summarizes the career, the bantureeti song brings in basavatarakam of his life, and the rajarshi outlines the remaining of his life. So indeed the life is said and the summary is given. Now its upto Krish to show the legend once again on the screen and make his fans across the globe revisit him live. Hope and wish he does that. 

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Aravinda Sameta Audio Review

Movie:            Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava ( అరవింద సమేత వీర రాఘవ )
Producer(s):  S Radhakrishna
Cast:              Tarak, Pooja Hegde, Jagapathi babu, Sunil
Direction:      Trivikram Srinivas
Music:            SS Thaman

Singers - Nikhita Srivalli, Kailash Kher, Penchal Das
Lyrics - Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry, Penchal Das 

Sirivennela garu and Penchal Das, has been part of lyrics for this song. We have seen this type of lyrics with combination of writers earlier too. Here there is a little difference I guess.If the unpolished Diamond is Penchal Das, the polishing to make the diamond glow is done by Sirivennela garu. Overall, this song proves what Telugu literature is capable of. Sirivennela garu and Penchal Das explained the song and how the song starts with "Ram", ( the beejaksharam and the words coming there after rhyming to "Ram").  Penchal Das shows the power of Telugu in words as well as power of rural folk in the voice as well. His voice has that rustic beauty of the village which is sincere. There are many notable phrases in the song which will make one think.

Coming to the song/singing perspective, Thaman starts this song with a violent silence a total surprise from Thaman. However there are shades of other songs there after probably an inspiration. The voice of Nikhita is not heard quite well, clear and loud, her voice is shadowed by over powered instruments. These kind of songs, voice should be the clear winner. He did take that care when penchal das was singing, but Nikhita's voice would have been more powerful, Sivamani's percussions are class as always. I wish Thaman could have used the percussion more in interludes. A little bit consistency would have been better, but cant ask more from Thaman. He almost nailed it to bring the mood of the song, with Penchal Das adding not only value, but he brought the soul to the song. A perfect song for a possible perfect situation in the movie, probably well designed by Trivikram. Thaman must be commendable for taking care of both the song and its lyrics.  

Singer - Armaan Malik
Lyrics – Sirivennela Seetharama Sastry

Thaman has a habbit of starting a song prelude on different note, and the song on a different note. He has done this quite many times. Here too he does the same. Armaan Malik as any other singers, have tough time singing a Telugu song. Thaman who is more of sound based, wants variety voice for each song, probably opted to him. Otherwise there is no reason. The interesting part of the song is Sirivennela gari lyrics, all Thaman has to do is go with the flow of lyrics. Not sure why the female voice was not given credit in the song. Even though its a pakka commercial duet, a routine, the choice of words by Sirivennela garu makes him miles a part. The song, tuning as such there are no issues, except for the singer who couldnt say few words properly. The violin stands out in this song, Thaman has really used it effectively. The song even though routine, the lyrics adds a lot to the beauty of the song.

Singer - Kaala Bhairava
Lyrics – Ramajogayya Sastry 

Now comes the much appreciated, talked about song in social media. Kaalabhairava who got name from the Bahubali-2 song, got to sing this song. Thaman again delivers one of the most emotional song heard in recent times. He tunes it as best as he can. Kaalabhairava's voice too is very apt to this song even though he was feeble at few place. 

This comes as 2nd situational song, and the song says it all. The tune, the voice and words all go well together to bring a perfect emotional song that should connect everyone who listens it. Thaman doesn't deviate from his style of song making where its seen in the interludes. He takes it to a pitch after the charanam ends and goes from there to design the interludes. He does it exactly the same, but without his usual additions, so it is heard very natural. Thaman has a habbit of complicating the song unnecessarily, I would have written many times in past reviews suggesting sometimes he needs to keep it simple. This is perfect example, how simple can take song to next level. He adds a nice western flavor in the second interlude. 

Ramajogayya sastry needs a special mention, to use few words in the song that are becoming rare to hear these days. He was able to bring the emotion thru words. He does a commendable job.

On the other side, a small observation. This song seems to be an emotion of lady, who has so much pain in the heart missing her husband. A koyila(cuckoo bird ) is known for joy, and ecstasy, A song in pain might not sound as pleasant as cuckoo bird.  Cuckoo bird singing has "Maadhuryam", where as we dont search madhuryam in pain. 

Not sure as we hear a cuckoo bird who usually sings during the aggressive growth season matches the situation here other than comparing the singing perspective. I might not be in sync with what lyricist thought writing the song, neither the situation, so just listening to the song, cannot probably think right in the context. 

Singers - Daler Mehndi, Anjana Soumya 
Lyrics - Ramajogayya Sastry

Trivikram has a habbit of introducing one of golden era songs thru his movies. This time he chooses the some from "Sri krishnarjuna Yuddam" in the start of the song. He uses the song as is in the voice of S Varalakshmi garu. ( music by Pendyala Garu ). Switching gears from a  classic song to this age song, we see how we transformed in music. Probably this will tell where we have reached. How we came sound based than melody based. Now coming to the song, did everyone relax after working hard on other songs? Everone came back to their routine. Be it Thaman or Ramajoggayya. Anjana Soumya is notable in this song. He unique voice makes difference in the song. Daler does his usual stuff. 

Pick(s) of the album:  Peniviti, Yeda Poyinado, Anaganaganaga

Trivikram with Agnaathavaasi, faced a life time failure and how has pressure to deliver and comeback to show what he is known for. Then Tarak who is doing good with different selection of scripts, needs to continue that path. Thaman on the other hand is showing great variety these days with few albums showing where he is heading to. This album he got rid of auto-tuner, got in Penchal Das, Kalabhairava, he should have avoided Armaan Malik. This album consists of two situational songs, and two routine commercial songs. Trivikram's movie having 4 songs shows this is a story intense movie. The two situational songs are intense too. This movie should give a lot of scope to Tarak to emote. Hope he succeeds and give Trivikram a much needed comeback. Thaman scoring to what is required is in right track, hope he continues in for his upcoming movies as well.