Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Manam - Audio Review

Movie: Manam ( మనం )
Music: Anoop Rubens
Director:  Vikram Kumar
Producer(s): Akkineni Nagarjuna
Cast: Dr Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Shriya Saran and Samantha

In one of the rarest happening in Telugu movie history that three generation actors from same family acted in a movie directed by "Ishq" movie fame Vikram Kumar. This movie is produced by Akkineni Nagarjuna. He might not have thought that this would be the last film for his father and that he has to cherish the memories acting with his father there after. Whoever acted in this movie or associated with this movie will be a part of a history of Telugu film. When film lovers came to know about this movie first time, they were thrilled to see all of them on the same screen. Now knowing that Legend is not with us anymore, this movie will be embraced for legacy.

The way Dr Akkineni Nageswara rao garu completed this movie is heartening. The way he fought the battle with deadly disease and knowing that his days are counted, planning and completing his portion in the movie is pure inspiration for everyone. Whatever the movie is, now it doesnt matter. This will provide a last chance to Telugu audience to see their favorite actor on the silver screen for one last time.

Music and Dr ANR. have been synonymous. Music has been one of the great factor in many of his movies. Anoop Rubens must be lucky getting once in a life time opportunity to be part of the history. This movie provides 5 songs with an additional track with theme of the movie. There is a song sung by Master Bharath, which has an adult version. So basically its 4 songs. Vanamali wrote one song, Anoop Rubens penned one and the rest goes to Chandrabose.

Lets see whether these songs will be a tribute to Dr. ANR or not. 

1. "Kanulanu Thaake"  
Lyrics: Vanamali
Singer(s): Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh is not a stranger completely for telugu audience or music fraternity. He sung earlier in Uyyala Jampala ( Der thak chala ), Swamy rara and couple of other songs. This song inspite of having a distinct Alien to Telugu feeling, is an instant winner. Arijit, Vanamali and Anoop combined effort paid off. A very soft song, is for melody lovers. A solo song for Arijit with Chorus is appealing. Anoop did very well with interludes and chorus. Guitar, violin and beats are very soft and supports the lead singer very well. Arijit usually had issues with Telugu, but the tune and his scintillating voice covers it up. Over all a good start for the album. The ending of the song is also done quite well.

2. "Chinni Chinni Aasalu"  
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singer(s): Shreya Ghoshal, Ashwin, Hari

Anoop has done quite well in instruments in this song too. Quite refreshing. Another soft song. There are too many chinni's, chiru's that sounded very well. Seems like the music of this movie is following mood of the movie which is kind of feel good. Anoop followed a pattern/theme for the songs, which should go well with movie. Shreya Ghoshal makes mistakes pronouncing Telugu words, which are unforgivable/unacceptable any more for her caliber. In-spite of singing more than a decade in Telugu she makes blunders, it does not matter how great her voice is, she is the turn off for this song. "బహుమతిచ్చావే" not "బహుమతి చావే". The way she sang, Instead of giving gift, its like take gift and die. It is Hari and Ashwin's show in this song. One voice was very unique and other's was soft and cool. Not sure which one is who. It will take time to realize who is who. Again a good effort by Anoop.

3. "Manam (Theme)"  
Theme Music
Singer(s): Chaitra H. G.

Theme music is being heard over promos and trailers. This theme is carried for all the songs. Chaitra has done well for the given scope. This music definitely depicts the theme of the movie. 

4. "Kani Penchina Maa Ammake"  
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Master Bharath, Chorus

This song is sung by a kid and an adult version comes later in the album. May be kind of family song or a love song goes thru family? Anoop brings in a little classical flavor to the song, Master Bharath and chorus did decent. Egasina Bigisina katha idi, Jolalu naake paadaru gaa aa jaalini marichi polenugaa, only Chandrabose can write such words :) Bigisina katha and jola paadedi jaali tonaa not sure whether it is right to say, Who ever sings lullaby will not sing with sympathy, they sing with Love and effection. Just to find rhythmic pattern of words, Chandrabose might have used it, other wise it doesn't make much sense. Anyway other than few hiccups like these, he did fine and away from his routine songs which doesn't make much sense, this one is better for sure.

5. "Piyo Piyo Re"  
Lyrics: Anoop Rubens
Singer(s): Anoop Rubens Jaspreet Jasz, Anoop Rubens, Rap by Meghraj, Rahul & Chorus

Complete energetic song. This song will be a party song going forward. Rap is mixed as usual. Adding ANR's evergreen song with original voice will leave good feel. The tune reminds another famous Hindi song, but stays for very short, as the ANR song will take over the memory lane. A short length song compared to regular format. But fans will go in ecstasy. One of the male voice was dull in this otherwise energetic song. Leaving ANR song as it is and mixing it, wrapping around it was clever thing done by Anoop Rubens. 

6. "Idi Prema"  
Lyrics: Chandrabose

Singer(s): Haricharan

Haricharan sings the adult version of Idi Prema sung by Master Bharath. Somehow Haricharan sounded odd in base voice. Some good feel is missing in Haricharan's voice. May be that was the limitations that Haricharan had with his voice and singing. He did his best though. Personally, I feel Karthik would have been a better choice for this song as he comes with fluent and effortless singing in this kind of songs. Again Anoop did very good in terms of orchestration and instruments, choose the right ones at right places. Guess there was a note missed by instrument at the ending of first interlude. Thought I heard an apasruti in a hurried ending. Anyways this is like looking at a magnifying glass for issues, for other wise a feel good song. Hero of the song is Anoop.

Pick(s) of the album: Kanulanu Taake, Piyo Piyo Re, Chinni Chinni Aasalu. 

ANR was lucky that he always had tremendous musical hits whichever decade he acted. Even in modern era he had so many musical hits. Its either his choice or good music fell into his lap always. 

Manam is the last movie of one of the two eyes of Telugu Industry, Dr ANR. The music has to be at the level that it should be a tribute to the Legend. The standards of movie music in the modern era has gone too low, but this one stands little tall compared to the latest albums in this year. Whether this is a tribute to Dr. ANR or not, music lovers and ANR fans will decide. The music meets the movie theme and tells about the movie for us. Anoop was successful in that part. Rest is in listeners hand.


  1. Movie: Racegurram - Manam
    correction please...

    1. Thanks Manohar garu, typical copy past error :)

  2. Have been hearing for past few days Chinni chinna asalu and Piyo piyo are on repeat mode...
    Kanipenchina.. senti song. All Nag(s) action tho sampettaremo

    1. You are right, Chinni Chinni asalu is highlight, Kanulanu taake Arijit's unique voice is appealing, Piyo piyo brings in the feel of ANR,

  3. Perfect review Sir, Didnt realize the issues until I read this review. Shreya Ghoshal doesnt have the dedication past years singers have, thats why she is still at the same level singing Telugu songs. Chandrabose talks loud, but his songs doesnt reflect what he talks. You are right about him. Songs are feel good, hope movie also will fare well and become a great tribute to Dr, ANR

  4. Kani penchina maa ammake super heart touching song, Listening in repeat mode, For this song the voice bharath was excellent.

  5. in chinni chinni asalu sherya ghoshal made another mistake in place of " premane panchave papala choosava", here shere pronounced papala as pakala just clearly observer