Saturday, January 7, 2017

Khaidi No 150 Audio Review

Movie: Khaidi No 150 (ఖైదీ నం 150 )
Producer(s):  Surekha Konidela,Ram Charan,A. Subashkaran
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Kajal Agarwal
Direction: VV Vinayak
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Boss is back, is the word that is going as crazy caption for the movie, no one cared what the title of the movie is. Probably one such rare scenario in film industry. Many just cared that Boss is back with #150. There was a debate whether its 150 or 151 keeping in mind the Brucelee, but who cares is the argument fans make. Seeing their boss full length in a movie is what they wanted and they are getting it. After so much break, Boss going here and there disappointing them, he is back to where he belongs to. VV Vinayak and Ramcharan teamed up to Produce the movie which is remake of super hit Tamil film. Murugadoss who was the story owner remained same but Paruchuri brothers got into help the script. Chiru in dual role will for sure appeal his fans with double dhamaka. 

DSP who was initially announced for two prestigious films at the same time backed out of another film to focus on this movie. This has automatically raised the bar very high in terms of music. When first two songs were released individually people had many concerns. However eventually things got settled as the rest of the songs were released. 

DSP wrote 2 songs in this album, sang one, RJS got one and Srimani the rest of the songs. Bringing Hariharan back and having Shankar Mahadevan is good to see in this album. No one can forget Hariharan's hit number for Chiru. Hope the magic repeats. Boss always had top class music albums in his career. Thanks to likes of Ilayaraja, Raj-koti , Manisharma. DSP has been consistent with providing music to Boss and fans will not expect anything less. Let's see how the songs fare, probably every one heard these songs already.

1. Ammadu Let's Do Kummudu
Singer(s): Devi Sri Prasad,Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Devi Sri Prasad

DSP at a complete novel mass concept of having the title of the song that was released out initially. Many people though enjoyed the mass content of it, few many didn't quite get how this can be used in a song. Having said that many didn't care for either, All they cared was the first song when Boss is back is out and it has to be embraced. The views, hits, talks, posts, shares, forwards everything was about Boss is back finally a song where Boss can show his magic is out. The electrifying start, then which says this is not mass song this is boss song, fans might have gone crazy. Then DSP takes control of the lyrics as well as singing, the tuning, and says Lets do Kummudu, need to see how fans react to the on-screen feast. This song has everything for Boss. A typical massy lyrics, beats, the breaks, what not. Except for the phrase, everything fell in place. In between Boss says "Thammudu Lets do Kummudu" any guesses who would be that Thammudu on the screen? It is double bonanza for sure. 

2. Sundari
Singer(s): Jaspreet Jasz
Lyricist: Srimani

When this song was pre-released, the feedback was not very good from the listeners. This was not really appreciated even though Ammadu was criticized on a different note the song was embraced. But this song didnt appeal many fans as well. Probably reason was the singing of the singer. They way he told the words in Pallavi was not taken properly. The rest of the song was filled by usual DSP's beats, rhythm and tune, however somehow this song didnt appeal. People even got doubts about DSP whether he put enough effort for this album. May be the singer was not right fit for this song, If another singer would have sung this song, these doubts might have vanished. Also, the unnecessary extensions for each word probably ruined the song.

3. You & Me
Singer(s): Hariharan,Shreya Ghoshal
Lyricist: Srimani

The doubts got into listeners mind were wiped off by this song. This again is benchmark melody of DSP. Hariharan at his best and cannot be any better. Shreya Ghoshal was to herself which helped the song. Probably she should be give songs in her comfort zone in Telugu, else she doesnt sound right at all. DSP does provide some magic in his melodies and this is another one. He goes simple and let Hariharan take charge with his added extensions help the song. 

4. Ratthaalu
Singer(s): Nakash Aziz,Jasmine Sandlas
Lyricist: Devi Sri Prasad

Boss is back, get ready was all the theme even since this movie was announced. Probably people wouldnt care what the song is when the boss is on the screen. All they care is how Boss can bring back those olden dance days. All DSP needed to do is enable the environment in the form of song and if he does provide what is required that is more than enough. DSP takes control of entire song including the lyrics. The way he make singers few words in style is getting repetitive, some songs it appears odd, this one is such. Nasal extension to words doesn't appeal always. This song might be a visual treat, but not a listening treat for regular music listeners but for sure is for dance lovers. A out and out mass song so does what it needs. 

5. Neeru Neeru
Singer(s): Shankar Mahadevan
Lyricist: Rama Jogayya Sastry

Finally after all the required feast to appeal masses/fans, now there is probably one song related to the story. One song of 5 that related to story is not bad. Bringing Hariharan and Shankar Mahadevan definitely adds a lot of weight to the album. Shankar's soulful rendition of this song is pleasure to listen. DSP's composition is in line with the patho feeling of the song. Ramajogayya sastry poses some sensible questions on the fate of farmers. Of course these questions when are limited to movies/songs, no change will happen. Probably there will be some inspiration and something changes. This song is in complete contrast to the rest of the songs, but in groove with the story, is done well. When rest of the songs are for fans this one and the melody song are for the music lovers.

Pick(s) of the album: Neeru Neeru, You and Me, Rathalu

Movie makers released the songs one by one not in a particular order, but probably that made a lot of sense as the album is not the concern here, they kept the fans on toes regarding whats coming and maintained the craze for quite some time. Whether DSP could have done better, answer would be unanimously yes. Whether DSP did justice to the movie, did he meet the craze, did he meet expectations? There might be mixed responses, but most of the listeners wouldn't care as all they care is Boss is Back. The album is for sure doesnt have the wow factor but doesn't disappoint anyone. One sensible song, one trademark melody, two out and out mass songs, what else one would need? Grab what you want from the album. If still one doesn't get satisfied, Boss is back to provide the rest. 


  1. not so excellent albumn to be appreciated a lot..its jz avg..y I dnt knw now a dys DSP is nt upto his mark..that to boss's film...he was a bit careless ..I guess...some songs are really you & fav Hariharan..loved it..& Shreya awsome..some expressions , she jz crooned it....lovely...felt like Chitra mam singing when she expressed like that...& finally Neeru neeru..soulful rendition by evreyone's fav Shankar..jz nothing less can suit this song except 'outstanding' all songs are routine & eagerly waiting fr film..letz see...

  2. Boss is Back, who cares about songs?

  3. People made DSP a "Rockstar" whereas he should have stuck with doing music for B-grade movies and low-budget movies.

    Thaman is usually hated for "dappulu" and repeat tunes but Devi is 10x worse than Thaman - "Ammadu Kummudu" kooda oka songaa? Pakka Local (his own JG) + Blockbuster (Thaman's Sarrainodu) and other songs mix chesi kottesadu mana Dappula Sri Prasad; adi vaadi bonguru gonthuto paadaadu (that does not suit Megastar at all)

    "You and Me" is the only saving grace, and even that is not up to the standard of a Chiru melody; and no song by SPB either - disappointing; wish Manisharma or some proper music director was chosen for this prestigious project.