Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mr Majnu Audio Review

Movie:            Mr. Majnu ( Mr. మజ్ను )
Producer(s):   BVSN Prasad
Cast:              Akhil Akkineni, Nidhhi Agerwal
Direction:       Venky Alluri
Music:            Thaman SS

Akhil is trying his best to make an impact in Telugu Film Industry. After his disastrous debut, he tried to recover with he second attempt, but it didnt take him where he expected to go. He is trying to hope to get successful with this attempt. Thaman who has changed his ways with recent hit album, scored music and this is something to see whether he made that change in this movie also, or he is what he is. Srimani gets single card on lyrics which is again a rare feat these days. Its been a while to see such in lyrics department. Lets go to the album to see what Thaman did this time. 

Mr Majnu 
Singer(s) - Ramya NSK
Lyrics - Srimani

Thaman and the album starts with the title song describing the hero, Akhil as grandson of ANR and Son of Nagarjuna. And then Srimani tries to add up based on his talent. Both Thaman and the singer (Is it Ramya as per label?) ripped the words apart with inconsistent synchronization between tune and words. Many words gets massacred by the singer. Thaman doesn't miss his flavor of this trademark, and doesn't add auto tuning. thats the grace for this song. Some how not impressed with this song, Thaman tried to be different, but his trademark probably makes this song less appealing, then the singer makes it worse. A song that can be skipped in the album. 

Singer(s) - Armaan Malik
Lyrics - Srimani

Thaman ensures that song represents his changing song making trends. Even though he is not consistent, he is telling, he is changing. The soft stylish melody should make his fans go merry about it. He removes most of his problems in the song making until now, by adding lot of unwanted things to a song, there by succeeding in making this song appeal to listeners. Having said that, there are slight issues that he should take more care to ensure he stays there. Arman Malik does good, but he has the usual problems with non-Telugu singers. He could have done a little better. Srimani did a decent job. Overall a good effort by the team. 

Hey Nenila
Singer(s) - Sruthi Ranjani
Lyrics - Srimani

The moment I said Thaman is changing the song making, but he didn't. He is not able to get away in making a song sound different from any of his earlier songs. The pattern cannot be same unless its a very rare exceptional. His instrumentation of this song is good. Sruthi's singing is decent. However the song should appeal a new song all together, cannot remind. As long as he cannot get out of this, he cannot become successful. With these minor issues of Thaman, this song will appeal and stick to listeners. Thaman had succeeded in making the lyrics of Srimani Listenable. The following of singer is cute. The interludes came out good and overall this song stays there. 

Kopamga Kopamga
Singer(s) - Armaan Malik, Thaman S
Lyrics - Srimani

Armaan Malik has become a choice of Thaman? Two songs for him? not sure why?. His Telugu is not good, so he cannot make a song sound better. His voice is not that great, similar to many singers, Not sure whats his added advantage, He gets off too at few of places, doesn't sound well in many places. Again Thaman did decent job in tuning the song. Srimani writes another decent song, adding his own youthful phrases which he is known for. Another pleasant song from Thaman, he is surprising the listeners, A new look to Thaman, which is good in a way. Not sure where I heard Thaman in this song. 

Naalo Neeku
Singer(s) - Shreya Ghoshal,  Kaala Bhairava
Lyrics - Srimani

Kaala Bhairava getting chances with other music directors is a good thing happened to him. He got the real boost from his family through Baahubali, people are probably cashing in the craze he got. Singing wise he has lot to improve. Hope he is not just limited to few type of songs. Thaman has toned down a lot compared to how he used to make similar songs. Some one really explained what was going wrong with him. Shreya Ghoshal has excellent voice and singing, but has no change in singing Telugu songs, inspite of singing more than a decade, She still sounds alien. Not sure why she never put any effort to sound Telugu. Due to this even though whatever she does, the song just go wasted. However her fans will not care for this and will embrace this song. Kaala Bhairava does what he was asked for. Situational song made as per demand and thats all is needed. Thaman doesn't go overboard and does with good limits set to himself. 

Chiru Chiru Navvula
Singer(s) - Tushar Joshi, Koti Salur, Ramya Behara
Lyrics - Srimani

Srimani has got single card for lyrics. That shows how he is impressing the movie makers. This is a rare feat these days where one song is written by more than one lyricist. He did decent in all the lyrics. But the more they do the more expectations will increase. Glad there is no multi lingual crap like other lyricists who enforce it even though it is not required.  The music makers and lyricists still have the coordination issues, that neither of them are able to sync together to make a song without breaking the word at right place. Not sure who is the root cause for it. But people got used to listening like this so it wont effect them. This song even though lacks freshness in the tune, is still good enough to sound decent. Thaman again gives a well controlled tune and instrumentation.

Pick(s) of the album:  Yemainado, Hey Nenila, Chiru Chiru Navvula

Thaman showed different face of his with Toliprema, then he again showed it with NTR's AVSR, tuning situational songs. He was lacking consistency as he couldn't convince listeners that he is trying to rediscover himself by fixing all his issues that he was talked about. This album should lead to that path of change. He not only fixed few issues, he tried to be different. Whether its Nagarjuna's effect or the director but a good change to be observed in Thaman. If he shows this consistency in coming albums, then he will have better future. But basically there cannot be a road that takes him backwards. He is forced to go only this route. Akhil gets a decent album, which should lead him towards success if the movie is made good. 


  1. Nice album, good change from Thaman as you said, you were a good critic of Thaman, and now you giving good review for Thaman album should tell everyone how reviews should be written like yours. Great job keep up good work.

  2. Iam a huge fan of your'e
    reviews..dey are always apt, but I don't understand what's you're problem with ShreyaGhoshal!! Though if she has done 90% justice to song,youll always find a reason to blame her. There are songs in telugu like 'Mandara', 'allasani' etc where she had no issues at all in singing Telugu, even this song has no issues with her dialect yet you blame her. Though she isnt as great as chitra garu, people now can consider shreya as present gen Chitra!!

  3. Wonderful review buddy. Post more of these on CCDB.

  4. i m read your review you wrote for the title song while listening it
    and i realized that how one should not write the review
    # music konchem different ga unte kudirithe appreciate cheyali anthe gani istam vachinattu rayakudadu Ramya behra words ni massacre chesinda #dandaalayya